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04/11/16 - After years of waiting my Oculus Rift finally arrives!

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id: 46690
There it is, everyone
id: 46691
The box is now open
id: 46692
The actual Oculus Rift box
id: 46693
The back of the box
id: 46694
It's out of the bag!
id: 46695
So is the back!
id: 46696
It's out of the sleeve!
id: 46697
I finally see the Oculus Rift CV1 with my own eyes!
id: 46698
It's beautiful
id: 46699
The headset itself
id: 46700
Interesting that the camera wasn't securely fit into the little holder
id: 46701
The back of the tracker
id: 46702
Oculus logo
id: 46703
Looking into the headset
id: 46704
The build quality is really good
id: 46705
Looking through the back
id: 46706
It's a really nice looking device
id: 46707
From the other side
id: 46708
Closeup on the front
id: 46709
Oh just one more
id: 46710
Lots of goodies hidden under the tracker camera
id: 46711
The Oculus Remote is stuck on top
id: 46712
This is where everyone expected the controller to be
id: 46713
Xbox controller dongle, manual, batteries
id: 46714
Everything in the box
id: 46715
Sure it's not hooked up to anything, but that won't stop me from trying it on!
id: 46716
Kailey is just going to be glad that my daily insane countdown, which passed zero a while ago, is gone
id: 46717
Family photo!
id: 46718
CV1, DK2, DK1
id: 46719
I had to return the DK2 so this was my only chance to get a shot of them all together
id: 46720
Nice looking lineup
id: 46721
Fe peers inside
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