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04/16/16 - Trying to find Tony and Suz in Manhattan and then playing board games!

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id: 46732
Hey it's that trade center
id: 46733
New York streets
id: 46734
New York.. sidewalks/
id: 46735
This certainly looks like New York City
id: 46736
Nice looking street
id: 46737
I think the WTC is following me
id: 46738
I found them!
id: 46739
Run, Yaddi!!
id: 46740
Suz unpacks "Cosmic Encounter"
id: 46741
While Tony inspects the Pokemon drinking game
id: 46742
We got UFOs!
id: 46743
We got UFOs, Tony!!
id: 46744
Look who's here!
id: 46745
It's Yaddi the Shark!
id: 46746
Yaddi loves life
id: 46747
Poor Yaddi
id: 46748
Can't you see how much fun Yaddi is having being a shark?
id: 46749
Suz is having fun not being a shark
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