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05/07/16 - Brett and I go head to head in go kart racing again

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id: 46802
Brett is confident. Time to break him
id: 46803
Vroom vroom
id: 46804
It's a high speed corner if you do it right
id: 46805
Go karts are so much fun
id: 46806
The hairpin is tricky
id: 46807
Safety first
id: 46808
My beard looks super weird
id: 46809
As expected, I crushed Brett. Better luck next time!
id: 46810
Tons of fun though
id: 46811
Numbers numbers numbers, racing
id: 46812
Hey it's that INDY car again!
id: 46813
Nice looking.. whatever this car is
id: 46814
This guy was pretty great
id: 46815
This guy was pretty.. strange
id: 46816
Jamming in Downtown Crossing
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