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05/08/16 - Mother's Day with Aunt Teresa, Aunt Kathy, Gragra, and of course.. Mom!

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id: 46817
My aunts love cats
id: 46818
Isabelle knows to stay out of the way
id: 46819
Gragra takes a look at what Mom's done with the condo
id: 46820
"Oh my goddd!"
id: 46821
She can hardly recognize the place!
id: 46822
My favorite space book as a kid
id: 46823
This little segment on black holes fascinated me
id: 46824
Two sisters and their mom!
id: 46825
Just hanging out
id: 46826
Hi Becky
id: 46827
Facebook is fun
id: 46828
It's just past 2pm so it's obviously time for dinner
id: 46829
Who wants asparagus
id: 46830
Or ham?
id: 46831
Carve it up!
id: 46832
Haha, Gragra looks so bored
id: 46833
Catch that roll!!
id: 46834
Mmm, strawberry shortcake
id: 46835
Time for cards!
id: 46836
Gragra loved hers
id: 46837
Aunt Kathy didn't like the card I got for her but hopefully she knows it's all in good fun, h aha
id: 46838
Spiffy hat, Gragra
id: 46839
"For me??"
id: 46840
Mom liked the giant card I got her
id: 46841
Becky the model
id: 46842
Gragra's having fun
id: 46843
Good times
id: 46844
Me, Mom, and Becky!
id: 46845
I pose with Gragra's hat. Also Gragra, I guess
id: 46846
Mom's turn with the hat
id: 46847
Everyone get in the picture!
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