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05/08/16 - Looking through old stuff from my bedroom wall and greeting cards

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id: 46848
Some Beany art I had on my wall for over a decade!
id: 46849
I think I drew this..
id: 46850
Isabelle found the one person who didn't want a cat sitting with her
id: 46851
Is it me??
id: 46852
Aww, thanks!
id: 46853
Freedom, here I come
id: 46854
Thanks guys!
id: 46855
Fancy card
id: 46856
Thanks Gragra!
id: 46857
Such card, very wow
id: 46858
id: 46859
Who? Who is proud of me??
id: 46860
Aw, it's Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris!
id: 46861
Still curious, thanks!
id: 46862
"Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you."
id: 46863
Thanks Aunt Regina and Uncle Jim!
id: 46864
It is??
id: 46865
Thanks, Dad!
id: 46866
All the fancy cards have this weird transparent layer on top
id: 46867
A big day for both of us
id: 46868
Hey that's when I graduated
id: 46869
Thanks Rafters!
id: 46870
Go on..
id: 46871
Thanks O'Connells!
id: 46872
I always loved this Rakka art by Beany
id: 46873
Oh man, Anime Club flyers
id: 46874
Photos from E-camp!
id: 46875
That's me in the hat at the top. Looking good.
id: 46876
I don't even know what this is from, but Beany drew it and I stuck it on my wall
id: 46877
Gragra always rights nice long notes on her cards
id: 46878
This used to be taped to the outside of a third story window that didn't open
id: 46879
Beany cat!
id: 46880
Way to go, Beany. This is why you're not allowed in the Launch Control Center
id: 46881
James took this photo on his film camera during his photography class
id: 46882
Is this cat dead??
id: 46883
Mount Aziscohos! The first mountain I ever climbed and spelling bee challenge word
id: 46884
id: 46885
See I knew about the Mayan end of the world date before it was cool
id: 46886
I really liked my laptop in high school
id: 46887
Alright, let's go through this whole thing..
id: 46888
I wrote all this nonsense in fifth grade, so I was 8 years old
id: 46889
VERY fun
id: 46890
Haha, classic me. Favorite time? The time when they left me alone to goof off at home
id: 46891
"Well it's the end of the page!"
id: 46892
"After this I'm going to go outside and play frisbee with myself." my childhood
id: 46893
Wiggly wiggly!
id: 46894
id: 46895
Ahh, Animorphs
id: 46896
"It was.... never mind" what was it??
id: 46897
Well that was fun
id: 46898
Nice clip art
id: 46899
id: 46900
Dad arriving to his surprise 40th birthday party! Mom looks so proud of herself
id: 46901
I paid a lot of money for this piece of paper
id: 46902
It always annoyed me that there's no mention of my TWO degrees. Come on!
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