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05/22/16 - James always knows where to find interesting landmarks.. let's see Fort Mantanzas!

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id: 46967
Cars are fun
id: 46968
id: 46969
Ahh, the hammock district
id: 46970
Florida beach!
id: 46971
James is always so uncomfortable
id: 46972
Nice path through the woods
id: 46973
The contrast between shadow and sunlight was really high
id: 46974
Furry tree
id: 46975
I love little wooden paths like this
id: 46976
Super bright beach
id: 46977
Oh good
id: 46978
Let's learn a learn
id: 46979
A history!
id: 46980
Danger: Wild Oysters!
id: 46981
James. Florida man.
id: 46982
This seems a little excessive for a free ferry
id: 46983
Now you can learn with me
id: 46984
Let's get on the ferry!
id: 46985
Safety first
id: 46986
It's the fort!
id: 46987
This fort has been here for hundreds of years
id: 46988
And now so are we!
id: 46989
Most people were bored by the history speech and just wanted to go look. I thought it was interesting!
id: 46990
Up the stairs
id: 46991
id: 46992
Weird little side room. No, it's not a toilet.
id: 46993
Looking down on the cannons from the top floor
id: 46994
James keeps an eye out for the British
id: 46995
They should shoot at boats coming up this waterway
id: 46996
Hopefully not our boat
id: 46997
This is how we got on the roof. I had to hold my camera bag over my head
id: 46998
James heads back downstairs
id: 46999
Tight fit!
id: 47000
Not too tight though
id: 47001
This is how you get on the ladder
id: 47002
This ceiling would be so annoying
id: 47003
A fort with a view!
id: 47004
James checks out the weird little room
id: 47005
It's amazing how a little structure like this can make such a big difference
id: 47006
The view from the weird corner room
id: 47007
id: 47008
I bet that bench wasn't here originally
id: 47009
Let's shoot the British
id: 47010
This is where the soldiers slept
id: 47011
Hey I know this stuff from that Napoleon Total War game
id: 47012
Hey get back in the fort. Also, fire on the horizon!
id: 47013
Cannon selfie!
id: 47014
James found some crabs
id: 47015
The view from the ground
id: 47016
I don't know much about forts. Seems legit
id: 47017
Well that was fun! James is taking a selfie of me taking a selfie
id: 47018
And here it is!
id: 47019
Here's another fort that we didn't visit
id: 47020
Trying to find a parking space... unsuccessfully
id: 47021
If you look closely you'll see that only one of these heads is real
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