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05/22/16 - Feeding ducks in Orlando

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id: 47022
Finding change for the parking meter
id: 47023
Duck Central
id: 47024
Let's go find some ducks
id: 47025
id: 47026
"Can I have some food too?"
id: 47027
Getting duck food
id: 47028
"Not for you, swan!"
id: 47029
id: 47030
Little birds!
id: 47031
How James feels about swans
id: 47032
Uhoh.. a confrontation
id: 47033
Ducks are nicer
id: 47034
So many birds
id: 47035
Want some.. whatever this is?
id: 47036
Little baby ducks!
id: 47037
Don't mind the camera..
id: 47038
id: 47039
"This is my butt"
id: 47040
This photo should be the cover of James' biography
id: 47041
Geese! Who do you think you are
id: 47042
You can't hide from me
id: 47043
Dinosaur eggs
id: 47044
Another group of ducks
id: 47045
Hi, duck
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