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05/26/16 - KSC - Off to the Kennedy Space Center once again.. let's visit Atlantis!

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id: 47138
On the road again
id: 47139
To the Kennedy Space Center!
id: 47140
Hey Gus Grissom has a street!
id: 47141
It's the VAB!
id: 47142
We're here!
id: 47143
They set up the shuttle countdown clock at the outside of the visitor's center. Very cool
id: 47144
Rocket garden
id: 47145
Yes, please
id: 47146
Always fun seeing the ET/SRBs
id: 47147
Hello again!
id: 47148
Atlantis' nose
id: 47149
I could sit here all day
id: 47150
It's just gorgeous
id: 47151
Looking back at the payload bay
id: 47152
The aft portion of Atlantis
id: 47153
The SSMEs are so intense
id: 47154
Looking up at Atlantis' engines
id: 47155
Radiator doors
id: 47156
That's one hell of an interface
id: 47157
id: 47158
James climbs into the space station
id: 47159
He's floating!
id: 47160
Taking a peek at Atlantis' underbelly
id: 47161
An actual flight instrument!
id: 47162
Of course, James records his trip down the reentry slide
id: 47163
Looking along the wing
id: 47164
James demonstrates the STS-135 nose gear tires
id: 47165
Bob Crippen's flight suit!
id: 47166
My favorite use of Helvetica
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