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05/26/16 - KSC - A somber visit to the KSC display of Challenger and Columbia remains

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id: 47167
Oh boy. Here we go.
id: 47168
Not a happy place
id: 47169
Personal effects of the Challenger crew
id: 47170
Displays for the crews of both Challenger and Columbia
id: 47171
Good quote, Reagan
id: 47172
Wow. This was a piece of the side of Space Shuttle Challenger, OV-099
id: 47173
The windshield of Space Shuttle Columbia, OV-102
id: 47174
I have no words
id: 47175
I was 22 days old when the Challenger accident happened
id: 47176
So I've always felt a sort of connection with it
id: 47177
The Columbia disaster is one of many things that got me into spaceflight. I wanted to understand how it could happen
id: 47178
It's difficult to imagine the forces this windshield encountered
id: 47179
Closeup on the Challenger debris
id: 47180
"The conquest of space is worth the risk of life." - Gus Grissom
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