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05/26/16 - KSC - Exploring the rocket garden and lunch with astronaut Wendy Lawrence

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id: 47181
Don't touch the gross wet ball!
id: 47182
Saturn IB!
id: 47183
Josh loves space
id: 47184
So does Josh's friend John
id: 47185
So many rockets!
id: 47186
F-1 engine. Not for use on F1 cars.
id: 47187
The moon is boring
id: 47188
James' lunch from the buffet
id: 47189
Thaicom 8 people at the lunch!
id: 47190
Astronaut Wendy Lawrence! She flew on the space shuttle four times
id: 47191
She also flew on the Return to Flight mission, STS-114
id: 47192
Of course, I got a picture with her
id: 47193
Everyone get in here!
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