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05/26/16 - KSC - Revisiting one of my favorite tours, the LCC and LC-39A and LC-39B!

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id: 47194
I love what they've done with the columns in the waiting area!
id: 47195
I think James noticed the camera
id: 47196
id: 47197
We're special guests
id: 47198
Shuttle ET/SRBs!
id: 47199
My favorite gate
id: 47200
On Kennedy Space Center property!
id: 47201
I've never seen those doors open on the VAB before!
id: 47202
What's inside?
id: 47203
Big ol' NASA emblem
id: 47204
id: 47205
Here we are!
id: 47206
Explaining how the VAB works
id: 47207
I want to touch this patch
id: 47208
Great launch vehicle models
id: 47209
Are we authorized?
id: 47210
Josh is authorized
id: 47211
The mission patch wall
id: 47212
Discovery model
id: 47213
James takes a look at the mission patches
id: 47214
Cool flags
id: 47215
Great space mural
id: 47216
id: 47217
One of the treads from the crawler
id: 47218
Let's go!
id: 47219
Firing Room 3. Mostly used for testing, training, and movie shoots
id: 47220
Explaining how the firing room works
id: 47221
The impossible to photograph door
id: 47222
We're in firing room 4!
id: 47223
I love the view from the LCC
id: 47224
id: 47225
Looking down the crawler road to 39A. You can see SpaceX's horizontal integration facility on the horizon
id: 47226
Let's take a bus to SpaceX!
id: 47227
Taking a sideways look over at LC-41, where Boeing will be launching people in the not too distant future.
id: 47228
Looking into the firing room
id: 47229
Go Atlantis!
id: 47230
Looking over at that tower that I think they're going to use for SLS
id: 47231
The view from the back of the room
id: 47232
Josh loves space
id: 47233
That's better
id: 47234
See James knows how to pose for a picture
id: 47235
So many phones
id: 47236
Let's just head over to the VAB
id: 47237
Up close you can see the texture of the VAB walls
id: 47238
It's that tower again!
id: 47239
Boeing has taken over one of the OPFs
id: 47240
Crawler with a Mobile Launch Platform on it
id: 47241
The Falcon is vertical!!
id: 47242
We're hopefully going to see that rocket launch later
id: 47243
The SpaceX HIF
id: 47244
Looks like they've been doing more work on the pad
id: 47245
I don't remember this building being here last year
id: 47246
The weird truck they use for moving cores around
id: 47247
Extra wide strongback for the Falcon Heavy
id: 47248
They finally finished painting the logo
id: 47249
Lots of activity at 39-A
id: 47250
I can't wait to see that strongback go vertical with a Falcon Heavy to support
id: 47251
A sideways view through the fence
id: 47252
A view of 39-A from the rear
id: 47253
Rocket-melted plates
id: 47254
These plates have seen some action
id: 47255
And then everyone freaked out and paid attention to a tortoise instead of space stuff!
id: 47256
The LCC again
id: 47257
A stranded mobile launch platform
id: 47258
VAB and OPFs
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