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05/26/16 - KSC - We attend SpaceX's first launch attempt of Thaicom8.. but it was scrubbed!

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id: 47265
The Falcon 9 vertical on the pad at SLC-40!
id: 47266
Looking over at 39-A
id: 47267
I didn't get a picture later but closer to launch time this place was packed
id: 47268
id: 47269
The view from our seats
id: 47270
This guy was educating and entertaining the crowd
id: 47271
Rocket launches!
id: 47272
This helpful sign shows people where to look
id: 47273
Birds love rocket launches
id: 47274
Well, the launch was scrubbed. Let's head home and grab a few more pictures on the way out
id: 47275
Outside the space shuttle building
id: 47276
Little dreamchaser!
id: 47277
Walking towards the rocket garden
id: 47278
The rocket garden is pretty at sunset
id: 47279
Atlas and Redstone, workhorses of Project Mercury!
id: 47280
James attempts a face swap with this astronaut..
id: 47281
And.. I guess you call this a success
id: 47282
How about this kid?
id: 47283
Sorry John and Josh, no launch for you!
id: 47284
NASA is pretty cool
id: 47285
James with the countdown clock
id: 47286
I never got to see it for a shuttle countdown, but this is still pretty cool!
id: 47287
Bye, KSC!
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