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05/28/16 - Animal Riders at the mall with James

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id: 47360
That is one hell of a ropes course
id: 47361
Giant chicken
id: 47362
This mall is really strange
id: 47363
Let's get riding
id: 47364
These are serious vehicles
id: 47365
My steed
id: 47366
James and the cow sort of have the same expression
id: 47367
James has clearly done this before
id: 47368
Advanced animal riding skills
id: 47369
This is exactly as much fun as it looks
id: 47370
I need to do this every time I visit
id: 47371
Animal stander
id: 47372
This photo is way more dramatic than it should be
id: 47373
Someone added a chicken to James' chicken!
id: 47374
This doesn't seem right..
id: 47375
That's a lot of beer
id: 47376
id: 47377
OK, James wasn't kidding.. this is a ridiculously huge pancake.
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