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05/29/16 - Suz and I play tourists and visit Times Square, Empire State, and Statue of Liberty!

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id: 47390
Holy crap, Times Square!
id: 47391
Let's figure out where we're going
id: 47392
Ahhh, the beating heart of NYC. Right? RIGHT??
id: 47393
id: 47394
Ugh, so many people
id: 47395
Giant ads!
id: 47396
Suz needs something to hold her hair. How about a SpaceX hat?
id: 47397
I bet this place is legit
id: 47398
id: 47399
The lions guard the books
id: 47400
id: 47401
Suz needs a hair thing!
id: 47402
Hey look, it's the Empire State Building!
id: 47403
Let's go to the top
id: 47404
Suz's face accurately captures the feeling of living in NYC and doing touristy things
id: 47405
Neat wall
id: 47406
Expensive elevator
id: 47407
Let's go!!
id: 47408
Facts, facts, words
id: 47409
Ticket scanner
id: 47410
Are your ears popping yet?
id: 47411
What is with this hole??
id: 47412
Don't lose your glasses!
id: 47413
We took the stairs for the last six floors rather than waiting in line for the elevator
id: 47414
Hey we're at the observation deck!
id: 47415
Looking downtown
id: 47416
We made it!
id: 47417
id: 47418
Lots of tall buildings
id: 47419
This building is made entirely out of butter
id: 47420
It's fun having a telephoto lens up here
id: 47421
The Hudson
id: 47422
Roof party?
id: 47423
Making new tall buildings
id: 47424
Suz is having fun, even if being a tourist is dorky
id: 47425
Convenient chin-holders
id: 47426
There's that church that caught fire
id: 47427
The Statue of Liberty! We'll be there later
id: 47428
Chelsea Piers!
id: 47429
And Starett-Lehigh
id: 47430
Typical NYC scene
id: 47431
Suz looks over her city
id: 47432
What's down there?
id: 47433
And in this direction.. buildings
id: 47434
Suz likes buildings
id: 47435
Looking uptown
id: 47436
I'm not big on art-deco but the Chrysler Building is pretty cool
id: 47437
432 Park Avenue
id: 47438
It's tall, it's square, it's expensive
id: 47439
The UN!
id: 47440
We're above the Top of the Rock. Nice look at Central Park
id: 47441
That... doesn't look right
id: 47442
"The Hackers Building"
id: 47443
You can actually see my little strip of Queens Boulevard. The station right before the curve at the top is 46th St!
id: 47444
Suz kept pointing to far away things as if that was helping
id: 47445
And on the East... buildings!
id: 47446
You can actually see that drop tower thing at Coney Island!
id: 47447
See? I told you I was taking these pictures
id: 47448
Back down the stairs
id: 47449
Suz doesn't approve of graffiti?
id: 47450
I approve this message
id: 47451
This guy on the right does NOT like Suz
id: 47452
Welcome to the Staten Island Ferry
id: 47453
The Ferry is a great way to see the Statue of Liberty while being cheap
id: 47454
I don't know how they found me but they found me! Run, Marty!
id: 47455
Looking back at Manhattan
id: 47456
Snazzy house
id: 47457
Less snazzy house
id: 47458
This is a popular area
id: 47459
"Are you taking my picture?"
id: 47460
The Statue of Liberty!
id: 47461
The statue itself (ignoring the pedestal) is almost (but not quite) as tall as a Falcon 9 first stage!
id: 47462
Suz kept looking at the screen instead of the lens
id: 47463
Are we there yet?
id: 47464
Cool cool Coast Guard
id: 47465
Suz is so chill
id: 47466
Downtown Manhattan
id: 47467
Let's all take pictures!
id: 47468
1 WTC is a really cool building
id: 47469
And with that I've checked most of the boxes on my NYC experience. Time to go!
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