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05/31/16 - Daily slice of life photos for May 2016

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id: 47470
With space tight I record the podcast where I can
id: 47471
This barrier looks legit
id: 47472
Why is all the weight at the end of this thing?
id: 47473
"Hey Max!"
id: 47474
id: 47475
Suz gave a Lunch and Learn talk!
id: 47476
This is how your website
id: 47477
Suz said one of her goals was to have a "Thanks!" slide. Good job
id: 47478
Hey they're finally tearing down that scaffolding
id: 47479
Macaroni does his Firefox impression
id: 47480
Mom hates her laptop
id: 47481
Tunnels in the night
id: 47482
My latest watch
id: 47483
This looks safe..
id: 47484
Some sort of air sampling machine
id: 47485
Want to be an armed guard? Free ID!
id: 47486
Let's stick some gum on it
id: 47487
Photos of tall buildings? In NYC??
id: 47488
Max loves his new "Max is working on it" indicators
id: 47489
The train broke or something and I had to walk two miles home. At least it was during Golden Hour!
id: 47490
Grungy but looks nice
id: 47491
No Smoking No Smoking
id: 47492
Back at Ground Central
id: 47493
Stinky steam
id: 47494
That's a big boat
id: 47495
Is Metal Gear Ray in there?
id: 47496
Hi neil
id: 47497
Going on a long trip? Tarp the bed!
id: 47498
Who's that little guy sitting on the sign?
id: 47499
The daily Max picture?
id: 47500
What the hell sort of vehicle is that?
id: 47501
Josh did a Lunch and Learn about D&D!
id: 47502
"Yer a wizard, 2Utes"
id: 47503
Fe and Max helped by playing out a scene
id: 47504
Caroline taught us about her harder-than-it-might-seem job
id: 47505
This is definitely the best picture of Max
id: 47506
The second episode of the podcast is out! I finally get to change mission patches
id: 47507
The "toxic peanut butter" window holder
id: 47508
id: 47509
That building is really making progress
id: 47510
This guy was playing Crusader Kings 2 on the train! I asked before taking the picture
id: 47511
Hi Neil
id: 47512
The Max flower
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