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06/09/16 - Packing up and taking some of the last photos of the NYC apartment

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id: 47513
Really, 90% of my boxes could be accurately labeled "Wires" and/or "Books"
id: 47514
Big books
id: 47515
The Pile
id: 47516
It doesn't look like much but when moving day rolls around I'll regret not having done more
id: 47517
The view from the other corner
id: 47518
My computer setup
id: 47519
My weird little bathroom
id: 47520
Is there a bug on the ceiling? Also note my "just for a few days" Buffalo Bills blanket window shade that was there for the whole 2.5 years
id: 47521
The Bitchen! Part bedroom, part kitchen
id: 47522
More photos in the daytime
id: 47523
I had to take nicer photos for Craigslist
id: 47524
Buzz strikes a pose
id: 47525
My strange toilet
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