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06/11/16 - One last trip to Long Island for horses with Suz and Helen!

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id: 47526
Suz brought a very rude bag
id: 47527
Oh yes, Suz is ready for horses
id: 47528
Walking to the stable
id: 47529
Helen says hi to Popeye
id: 47530
Popeye says hi to me! And is disappointed that the camera is not oats
id: 47531
Allergic to apples! What a fate for a horse!
id: 47532
I don't know this horse's name
id: 47533
Off we go
id: 47534
It's horsin' time
id: 47535
I don't know Suz's horse's name either
id: 47536
Horse, what is your name?
id: 47537
Helen with her steed
id: 47538
Ready to go!
id: 47539
Suz needs more steps
id: 47540
And away she goes
id: 47541
Trot trot trot
id: 47542
Janet helps guide Suz and Helen
id: 47543
My advice would be "don't fall off"
id: 47544
Suz follows my advice
id: 47545
Trot trot trot trot
id: 47546
I suspect this is about a billion times harder than it looks
id: 47547
They're comin' right for us!
id: 47548
Trot trot trot trot trot
id: 47549
Janet keeps an eye on Suz
id: 47550
Horses everywhere
id: 47551
Adjusting a harness?
id: 47552
Hi Suz
id: 47553
It's like a slow dirty racetrack
id: 47554
Horses all over the place
id: 47555
Faster trotting
id: 47556
Helen takes the corner
id: 47557
Trotting intensifies
id: 47558
id: 47559
Nyyyoooww. No wait, that's cars. Nyyeeeiighhh
id: 47560
id: 47561
This is either Suz's "I'm having fun" face or "I'm having a stroke" face
id: 47562
Suz has her eye on you, cell phone tower
id: 47563
Jump Alley
id: 47564
Stay on the horse!
id: 47565
Helen's next in Jump Alley
id: 47566
id: 47567
Jumps are fun
id: 47568
Haha, Suz's horse is having a little moment
id: 47569
Aww, group photo!
id: 47570
Time to.. de-horse. Or something
id: 47571
Horse shower!
id: 47572
This horse wishes it was a cow
id: 47573
This hilarious Beany drawing is in Suz's car
id: 47574
Neil is comfy
id: 47575
Neil is so big, you guys
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