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06/14/16 - Max convinced me to walk back to Queens from work, which is on the Hudson!

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What a perfect movie poster for this week
id: 47577
Ahh, lovely NYC streets
id: 47578
Slightly nicer streets
id: 47579
Max had to take a phone call from work because some system was broken
id: 47580
Making progress
id: 47581
These street photos aren't really meant to be all that remarkable. I just wanted to grab some typical NYC streets
id: 47582
id: 47583
Another typical NYC street
id: 47584
id: 47585
Hey I saw this building from above it just a couple weeks before!
id: 47586
The UN
id: 47587
Lots of foreign diplomats wandering around
id: 47588
I've never seen a Trump building before!
id: 47589
On the Queensboro Bridge
id: 47590
Looking out over the river
id: 47591
We made it!
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