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06/15/16 - After two and a half years I say goodbye to my friends at 2U

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id: 47592
The Post Enrollment Tech team! (Minus Erin who was out)
id: 47593
Ahh, crazy agile board. I'll sort of miss you
id: 47594
Hi Nate
id: 47595
Hi Max
id: 47596
Meetings are fun
id: 47597
Working? Not working? Puzzling?
id: 47598
Purnell and Tim
id: 47599
Now everyone gets face-post-its!
id: 47600
My last Beer Friday!
id: 47601
id: 47602
Artie likes beer
id: 47603
Everyone needed sunglasses out here
id: 47604
Max. Loves. Photos.
id: 47605
Sitting around at the end of Beer Friday
id: 47606
Mike has a pretty innovative seat design
id: 47607
I stuck around for one more day past my two week notice so I could give a final Lunch and Learn!
id: 47608
The hallway in Pier 62
id: 47609
So many awful movie posters
id: 47610
Goodbye, SVU. I won't miss your extras.
id: 47611
People exited this door all the time. The signs are a lie!
id: 47612
AJ is already packing up my computer!
id: 47613
Hey that's me!
id: 47614
We were too lazy to walk to Barcade
id: 47615
Video games!
id: 47616
We claimed a table early
id: 47617
Suz likes beer
id: 47618
Racing is going to happen
id: 47619
More people are showing up!
id: 47620
People were like "Hey, didn't you do a Lunch and Learn?"
id: 47621
Group photo!
id: 47622
Tillery demonstrates this really intense Tron game
id: 47623
Max pushes the limits with the "no drinks in the game" rule
id: 47624
Max is a crazy taxi driver
id: 47625
More people are here!
id: 47626
Fe is an amazing Galaga player
id: 47627
Caroline and I were both handing out tokens to everyone
id: 47628
It turns out this crazy time travel game is pretttty racist
id: 47629
Who knew??
id: 47630
Isaac didn't believe us. Now he does.
id: 47631
id: 47632
Nate and David look at whatever Fe's got on her phone
id: 47633
Peter seems a little unsure
id: 47634
id: 47635
PET team corner
id: 47636
Shoot things!
id: 47637
Nobody was good at Donkey Kong because that game is impossible
id: 47638
More pacman!
id: 47639
id: 47640
id: 47641
Mike and I had a great competition going in Ms. Pacman but then I bumped the machine with my knee and the whole thing reset!
id: 47642
Hey it's that guy I am
id: 47643
Pacman is fun
id: 47644
All sorts of 2U alums are showing up!
id: 47645
Well.. that's that! See you guys the next time I visit!
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