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06/16/16 - With my last full day in NYC I finally head over to the USS Intrepid to see Enterprise!

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id: 47646
My bus route took me to within a few hundred feet of 2U. It was weird
id: 47647
Hey it's the Intrepid!
id: 47648
id: 47649
In a bizarre coincidence there was a mockup of the Aurora 7 Mercury capsule here! Apparently THIS ship is the one that recovered it!
id: 47650
I just happened to be here on the day that my Aurora 7 episode came out!
id: 47651
The little posigrade rockets and bigger retrograde rockets
id: 47652
I'm a space shuttle adult
id: 47653
OV-101, we meet at last!
id: 47654
It's Space Shuttle Enterprise!
id: 47655
The first space shuttle. Originally intended to be retrofitted for spaceflight but has only experienced atmospheric flight
id: 47656
Fred Haise flew this vehicle!
id: 47657
Hi there
id: 47658
The hatch
id: 47659
The nose of Enterprise
id: 47660
A panorama of Enterprise
id: 47661
Some actual instruments from Enterprise!
id: 47662
Big chunky instruments
id: 47663
It really does look like the bridge between Apollo and the modern space area
id: 47664
The nose gear
id: 47665
Ahh, I get it. And yes, the shuttle Enterprise was named after the Star Trek Enterprise. Fans wrote to Congress asking for it
id: 47666
Another view of the landing gear
id: 47667
One more shot of the instruments
id: 47668
I had no idea that's where the Columbia test wing came from!
id: 47669
A piece of reinforced carbon-carbon
id: 47670
A mockup of an early shuttle concept
id: 47671
That's a huge windtunnel model
id: 47672
Hey cool, a Soyuz!
id: 47673
Close quarters in that Soyuz
id: 47674
The aerodynamic tail of Enterprise
id: 47675
Weird Russian interface on the Soyuz
id: 47676
I think this is where the parachute lives
id: 47677
Hey cool, a Concorde!
id: 47678
This looks like a comfy seat
id: 47679
A Gemini mockup!
id: 47680
id: 47681
So many of the planes have foldable wings
id: 47682
id: 47683
I have no idea what this plane is
id: 47684
I'm pretty sure the SR-71 never launched off an aircraft carrier
id: 47685
Looking back at the bridge.. or tower.. or something
id: 47686
Hey I know how to fly these!
id: 47687
Lots of people wandering around on the deck
id: 47688
Apparently you can go into the Concorde but I was too late for the tour. Another time.
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