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06/19/16 - I move to Maryland!

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id: 47689
As chance had it, I passed right through Times Square on my last day in NYC
id: 47690
See you in hell, Times Square!
id: 47691
Wow. Seeing a chrome-finished Lamborghini Aventador (I think) certainly reminds me what crazy nonsense I'm leaving behind
id: 47692
There was a guy sitting in there but he didn't seem to mind me taking pictures. Probably used to it
id: 47693
I found Bryce! I had a few leftover Barcade tokens from the night before so we used them up
id: 47694
One last breakfast at Foxy's Diner
id: 47695
Waiting for the bus to Brooklyn to pick up the U-Haul
id: 47696
What's Bryce looking at?
id: 47697
Holy crap, this is what he's reading
id: 47698
Time to put all my possessions in this van..
id: 47699
Seems legit
id: 47700
It's actually brand new. It only had a couple hundred miles on it
id: 47701
The cats are really confused about what's happening
id: 47702
So is Bryce, apparently
id: 47703
Rest stop!
id: 47704
Omar's house! Of course, the first thing I did was hook up my PC and try out the Vive
id: 47705
An out of focus shot of the basement as it looked before I got to work on it
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