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06/26/16 - I buy a Kia Soul!

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id: 47715
The saddest room in the world.. the car dealership finance room
id: 47716
Me with my new ride!
id: 47717
This is what it looks like when driving
id: 47718
There are even other seats!
id: 47719
Looking back from the windshield
id: 47720
Back seat
id: 47721
Weird trunkish space
id: 47722
Oh ho, trunk organization
id: 47723
Secret under-trunk!
id: 47724
A lot of people don't like the look but I'm into it
id: 47725
The color is "Titanium Gray" which is different than normal gray
id: 47726
Small but spacious!
id: 47727
Time to get some classy stickers
id: 47728
I like to wave at people with the rear windshield wiper
id: 47729
Aaaand of course.
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