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06/30/16 - Daily slice of life photos for June 2016

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id: 47730
Lunch and Learn!
id: 47731
Most people are terrified of being here
id: 47732
Max tries to pick a lock
id: 47733
Once you know the trick it's pretty easy
id: 47734
A wild Goran!
id: 47735
Standing in the West Side Highway
id: 47736
Waiting for the light
id: 47737
Beer Friday!
id: 47738
It was raining super hard
id: 47739
The view from right outside of work
id: 47740
I sat on these benches a bunch in my final weeks in NYC. It's where I did my phone interviews
id: 47741
Relax, Tim!
id: 47742
My replacement Rift arrived!
id: 47743
This time it works perfectly. Thanks, Oculus!
id: 47744
Walking home in the nice weather
id: 47745
This giant ad is always Apple-related
id: 47746
Nice sunlight
id: 47747
Golden Hour!
id: 47748
I will miss the walks
id: 47749
Nice view of Starrett-Lehigh
id: 47750
Sunset on the Hudson
id: 47751
id: 47752
The helipad is always fun
id: 47753
Trees and buildings
id: 47754
Reflective windows
id: 47755
This dog was so ridiculous I just had to get a picture of it
id: 47756
Traffic and buildings: the NYC experience
id: 47757
This doesn't seem right..
id: 47758
I'll miss you, cow head
id: 47759
Who wants to go to Chicago?
id: 47760
Almost to the train station
id: 47761
Looking up into the construction
id: 47762
More trees and buildings!
id: 47763
This building wasn't even built when I moved here!
id: 47764
id: 47765
Mike stopped by and tried out the Vive! He had a blast with it
id: 47766
VR Mike
id: 47767
Mike's friend had fun racing
id: 47768
My cube is starting to come together
id: 47769
Now I have a shelf for all the crap that was on my desk at 2U
id: 47770
Sitting around a cafe after returning my rental car, waiting for Omar to pick me up
id: 47771
We moved the Vive sensor to expand "the volume"
id: 47772
Scott and I got some chinese food across the road from Goddard
id: 47773
This is Scott, my new teammate!
id: 47774
Hmm, why did I buy a lithium ion battery?
id: 47775
THIS is why. Look how ridiculous this is!
id: 47776
This battery is so scary! I replaced it without incident
id: 47777
The future
id: 47778
The giant cleanroom at Goddard. The JWST is hiding behind that structure
id: 47779
Bunny suits!
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