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07/10/16 - Otakon 2016 AMV Prescreenings! My first longish drive in the new car

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id: 47787
Peter's got a pretty cool camera setup
id: 47788
Camera battle!
id: 47789
Video games are fun
id: 47790
So are.. videos? Who knows
id: 47791
Hi Alan
id: 47792
Trying to figure out how to pay for pizza
id: 47793
Nice drawing, Amanda
id: 47794
Let's go get Chinese food!
id: 47795
Alan is so excited
id: 47796
Oh hello there
id: 47797
I can tell the cats apart now but forget which is which
id: 47798
Cats love petting
id: 47799
Hi there!
id: 47800
Be careful!
id: 47801
"Be careful of what?"
id: 47802
id: 47803
Whoa. You need to relax.
id: 47804
IHOP before heading out!
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