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07/31/16 - Daily slice of life photos for July 2016

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id: 47810
My combination workout / anime-watching area
id: 47811
My new VR setup. Racing, flying, all of the above
id: 47812
I 3D printed one of Curiosity's wheels! Well, a much smaller version. More like Sojourner's wheels
id: 47813
The last vestiges of my stint in NYC
id: 47814
My new parking lot
id: 47815
Dan returns the ping pong ball
id: 47816
Josh is better at ping pong than I am
id: 47817
What is this weird thing embedded in the Target parking lot?
id: 47818
The stickering begins!
id: 47819
Omar found a pot full of gross old candy
id: 47820
And the candy had melted
id: 47821
This is the worst
id: 47822
Selfie in a JWST mirror sample
id: 47823
James stopped by for a couple of nights to hit up the area on his way to Boston
id: 47824
He just kept throwing things
id: 47825
James thinks VR is fun
id: 47826
Building 32! This is where Aqua, Aura, and Terra are run
id: 47827
The view near my desk. Back and forth rectangles
id: 47828
I build a salad here every day
id: 47829
A vending machine at an unidentified NASA building
id: 47830
This is a sample of JWST that they're going to shake the crap of to see how it will behave when launched
id: 47831
This is how they heat or cool things inside the giant vacuum chamber
id: 47832
Hey it's that place I sometimes work at!
id: 47833
The lid of the giant vacuum chamber
id: 47834
The giant vacuum chamber!
id: 47835
I got a spiffy NASA badge reel
id: 47836
Hi Buzz
id: 47837
Neil is sleepy
id: 47838
We're making progress on the podcast!
id: 47839
Up close with the EOS models
id: 47840
My new car computer reader thing. It lets me read engine codes, tracks fuel efficiency, etc.
id: 47841
Rounding out my car accessories, my new dashcam! It also has a camera looking out the back window
id: 47842
Gotta keep an eye out!
id: 47843
Buzz is too close
id: 47844
This is a really lazy picture but it was also a really lazy day
id: 47845
This is my "it is way too hot to go outside" photo
id: 47846
My new CEO's giant truck is intense
id: 47847
Getting some work done at my desk
id: 47848
"Alexa, pose for a photo"
id: 47849
Why was this helicopter hovering near my house??
id: 47850
Big plane
id: 47851
Seems legit
id: 47852
1000 miles already!
id: 47853
I forget what Omar's watching here
id: 47854
Omar decided to replace a circuit breaker.. himself
id: 47855
This.. is a bad idea
id: 47856
We'll just take this off....
id: 47857
Which one was it again? We ended up putting it back together and calling an electrician
id: 47858
Yet another super lazy photo. It's F1 day!
id: 47859
I cooked a thing!
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