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08/11/16 - Otakon 2016! Let's set everything up

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id: 47866
Ready to rock
id: 47867
Mel explains the thing about sandwiches
id: 47868
Topaz is itching to get this weekend started
id: 47869
Mel is wondering why I'm still taking pictures
id: 47870
Back to the convention center
id: 47871
This cookie is the only source of joy in Vic's life
id: 47872
We found a Mckeed!
id: 47873
Amanda with her Mei gun
id: 47874
Waiting around..
id: 47875
Holy crap, well done Brakus! An inspiration to all of us working to lose weight
id: 47876
Time for the zerg rush
id: 47877
Prepping the server
id: 47878
One cart down..
id: 47879
Vaguely menacing Anthony is about to become fully menacing Anthony
id: 47880
I'm going to miss these back halls next year
id: 47881
Did someone order a bunch of tech gear?
id: 47882
Time to unscrew that one light bulb again
id: 47883
id: 47884
The room is getting set up nicely
id: 47885
Topaz looks at.. something
id: 47886
A lull in the setup
id: 47887
Vic consults the binder
id: 47888
One of these things is not like the other
id: 47889
Our favorite room at Otakon
id: 47890
Setting up GLaDOS down in Video 1
id: 47891
Debugging the giant projector
id: 47892
If Vic ever writes a book, this will be the cover
id: 47893
Testing my channelllssss
id: 47894
Tape Man!
id: 47895
Vic checks the volume levels
id: 47896
Otakon party!
id: 47897
My 3d-printed button guards worked pretty well!
id: 47898
Hi Will
id: 47899
Mel loads up some reference material for the light board thing
id: 47900
Get to work!
id: 47901
Making the final server connections
id: 47902
Our latest innovations.. hall passes!
id: 47903
Amanda's favorite place in the VAT
id: 47904
Topaz hooks up some audio cables
id: 47905
Cut the red wire
id: 47906
Otakon is fun
id: 47907
Wow, nicely done, Mel!
id: 47908
Time for a recharge break
id: 47909
Topaz needs no recharges
id: 47910
Will thinks about stuff
id: 47911
Now that Video 1 is set up, the whole crew is up in the AMV Theater
id: 47912
What next, almighty binder?
id: 47913
Will in the booth
id: 47914
We need to get Topaz sick again to dial down his energy
id: 47915
Mel always sees the camera. If it looks like a candid it's because she let it. This is not one of those times.
id: 47916
Will has a sudden realization..
id: 47917
Will is excited to learn how to use the server
id: 47918
Hi Vic. Wait, whose hand is that?
id: 47919
It's Brakus!
id: 47920
Looking for ghosts
id: 47921
Phone time
id: 47922
The Last Server?
id: 47923
How long has this Jimmy John's been here and why didn't we go every year?
id: 47924
Thanks, Hilton!
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