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08/14/16 - Otakon 2016! Costumes, panels, fun all around. Our last year in the BCC!

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id: 47925
Wow! Amanda's Mei costume is incredible!
id: 47926
Mr. Great and Powerful?
id: 47927
Venom Snake
id: 47928
A little Kiki!
id: 47929
Teto is securely on Topaz's shoulder
id: 47930
The easiest way to carry a vest is to just wear it, even if you're already wearing a hockey jersey
id: 47931
id: 47932
Decent turnout for the third year of my space panel
id: 47933
Conrad had quite an audience with extra questions at the end!
id: 47934
A troupe of Undertale cosplayers
id: 47935
I found Alan!
id: 47936
An excellent Mercy costume
id: 47937
Ha, someone in the weird Paz-box from Metal Gear
id: 47938
I think I know the most common response
id: 47939
id: 47940
Behind the scenes in Video 1
id: 47941
Practice shots in Video 1.. for later
id: 47942
Quite a line for the Friday AMV Contest
id: 47943
Filled the house once again!
id: 47944
Vic completely surprised Amanda and proposed to her in front the full 1,800 person AMV Contest audience!
id: 47945
You can see her shock
id: 47946
She said yes!
id: 47947
Brakus couldn't contain himself and ran up to hug her right after the big moment
id: 47948
That many light sabers in a crowd is going to be pretty dangerous
id: 47949
Just because the room is closed doesn't mean we can't be festive
id: 47950
This guy was so upset about his hot dog
id: 47951
I guess they escaped the grid
id: 47952
Hahaha, Otakon Simulator guy is back and he brought Knuckles!
id: 47953
Some costumes are more complicated than others
id: 47954
I have no idea why there were so many extra cups in Prog Ops
id: 47955
Mel.. why is that twinkee green?
id: 47956
I guess if you're going to have a bunch of extra cups you may as well do something with them
id: 47957
Time to count some ballots
id: 47958
Look out behind you!
id: 47959
Mckeed found this knitted thing and just wore it for the rest of the weekend
id: 47960
That's a lot of tails
id: 47961
I found Jefferson!
id: 47962
A very assertive Navi
id: 47963
Nice suit!
id: 47964
I think Bryce said these two are from Odin Sphere
id: 47965
Video game room
id: 47966
Table-flip? Hell yes
id: 47967
You grab it...
id: 47968
And you flip it!!
id: 47969
That's a lot of Borderlands cosplayers
id: 47970
I have no idea what this panel is but it had a good turnout!
id: 47971
The sacred board
id: 47972
Mel in Iron Editor host mode
id: 47973
Amanda as Error-chan
id: 47974
Such concentration!
id: 47975
Amanda has creepy contact lenses
id: 47976
Vic in his element
id: 47977
What was I doing during AMVs After Dark? Watching the JCSAT-16 launch, of course!
id: 47978
The mysterious Pink Shot
id: 47979
The traditional 2am "Vic is tired" photo
id: 47980
id: 47981
The ladies of Cowboy Bebop
id: 47982
Haha, I should have expected this guy would strike this pose when I asked for a photo. I just thought he was a teabag, not that he WOULD teabag!
id: 47983
I like your sticker, dude
id: 47984
Ice Cold Water Man! Will he follow us to DC?
id: 47985
This dude was just jamming
id: 47986
Wow, this would be a great view if I watched baseball
id: 47987
Looking out over the BCC
id: 47988
Macho Man
id: 47989
This HDR shot came out sort of weird, but this is the last time "Come Sail Away" will play in the BCC VAT! (For five years, at least)
id: 47990
Mmm, smoothies
id: 47991
Feedback session
id: 47992
The Otakon leadership
id: 47993
Just chilling in a Domo-kun costume..
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