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08/15/16 - Otakon 2016 wrapup. We pack up and say goodbye to the Baltimore Convention Center

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id: 47994
This (already broken) laptop took one for the team when some spare parts were needed
id: 47995
Omar is IN the COMPUTER?
id: 47996
No, he's just on Skype
id: 47997
AMV Theater, all done
id: 47998
Otakon AMV Department 2016!
id: 47999
Well that was fun
id: 48000
Pack it up!
id: 48001
Mystery bag..
id: 48002
Lots of big heavy boxes
id: 48003
Lift with your legs!
id: 48004
Onto the friction carpet of doom.. for the last time
id: 48005
Ready to move the server?
id: 48006
Don't smash the mixer!
id: 48007
Van-eye view
id: 48008
Looking around at those big triangles
id: 48009
Mel opened the mystery bag. It's not that surprising
id: 48010
Vic with his magic remote control
id: 48011
Let's go to the Dead Dog!
id: 48012
Amanda's fancy engagement ring
id: 48013
Alan swung by to say hi
id: 48014
I have no idea what's so funny here
id: 48015
id: 48016
Someone dropped a bunch of these pens off at the AMV Dept booth
id: 48017
As always, the "free crap" line is enormous
id: 48018
Mckeed acquires another piece of random clothing
id: 48019
Mel looks so proud of herself
id: 48020
She's got them crazy eyes
id: 48021
Headed back after the Dead Dog
id: 48022
Last step in the BCC!
id: 48023
Back across the skybridge
id: 48024
Hi Omar
id: 48025
Just a bunch of off-duty folks who aren't in the BCC. Nothing illicit here!
id: 48026
Did I mention that the con was over already?
id: 48027
Continuing to celebrate another successful year
id: 48028
Moving the party!
id: 48029
This guy brings the party with him
id: 48030
This photo pretty accurately represents my impressions of the night
id: 48031
Mmm, breakfast
id: 48032
Omar's spare sign found a place
id: 48033
Goodbye, Baltimore!
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