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08/24/16 - It's time for camping in Ithaca again! But this year we upgraded to whole house!

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id: 48034
Even the intersections look nice in upstate New York
id: 48035
Nature is so relaxing, let's all look at our phones
id: 48036
We're on a lake!
id: 48037
Tom is so relaxed
id: 48038
Now we're camping
id: 48039
We had a little dock
id: 48040
Check out how nice this house/cabin is!
id: 48041
Lots of bugs and sunlight
id: 48042
Stars! And probably some camera sensor errors
id: 48043
Gather 'round the campfire, kids
id: 48044
It's time for Megan to dissolve into a bunch of goo and emerge as a beautiful butterfly
id: 48045
Steve is taking it well
id: 48046
Who the hell is Tom waving to?
id: 48047
Maybe he was warning the fish
id: 48048
There was a bright white house directly across the lake
id: 48049
"Whatcha got there, a house?"
id: 48050
Now both Toms are fishing
id: 48051
Is this just a floating RV?
id: 48052
Megan is queen of the lake
id: 48053
Tamara and I spent all weekend sniping the hammock from each other
id: 48054
Fishing town
id: 48055
Frog flag
id: 48056
That bench doesn't look so structurally sound
id: 48057
Amy gets some reading done
id: 48058
Dustin cleans up after us slobs
id: 48059
Go long!
id: 48060
Follow through
id: 48061
Dustin's girlfriend Lauren goes for the catch
id: 48062
Let's play complicated card games
id: 48063
First, sort everything into tiny piles.. and then you win!
id: 48064
Dominion is actually way more fun than it looked here
id: 48065
The duck interlopers are here for their first trespassing event
id: 48066
Tom bravely holds his own against the duck onslaught
id: 48067
Perhaps they can be bought off with scraps of bread?
id: 48068
I would also be concerned
id: 48069
id: 48070
More ducks!!
id: 48071
Steve's a fisherman
id: 48072
Time to play more games
id: 48073
Tom is ready
id: 48074
Megan is also ready
id: 48075
Amy seems less ready. No, she's ready
id: 48076
Steve is ready.. for bed
id: 48077
Taboo is way too much fun. We need to get a newer set of cards though. One too many references to political scandals of the 1990s
id: 48078
Tamara keeps a close eye on Megan.. no cheatsies!
id: 48079
Megan looks so distraught
id: 48080
Don't say the wrong word, Tom!
id: 48081
Steve loved this picture
id: 48082
We are now playing Telestrations
id: 48083
The Toms depart to start their own nation
id: 48084
Bye, Toms
id: 48085
The view from the porch
id: 48086
This game was incredibly complicated. I gave Steve a hard time but it was actually pretty fun. Just really painful to get into
id: 48087
I bet Monopoly is a subset of this game
id: 48088
Tom considers his next move
id: 48089
Steve considers drowning us all in the lake
id: 48090
More taboo!
id: 48091
This mouse had one hell of a night. And the ultimate hangover
id: 48092
Group photo!
id: 48093
Strike a pose
id: 48094
One more with the house!
id: 48095
Camping is now over.
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