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08/26/16 - I drive to Watkins Glen and hit the circuit with the ultimate speed machine: my Kia Soul

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id: 48096
Waiting in line
id: 48097
Made for speed
id: 48098
Big grand stands
id: 48099
The Porsche club was practicing or racing or something
id: 48100
Zoom zoom
id: 48101
It's really cool seeing the cars in person
id: 48102
Up the Esses
id: 48103
You can take it flat out if you're careful. Well, I can in the sim in a GT3 car, at least
id: 48104
Nice looking track
id: 48105
Track map!
id: 48106
My point of view
id: 48107
On the track! At this point we had finished a lap and had parked for photos
id: 48108
Me and Watkins Glen!
id: 48109
The Soul performed admirably
id: 48110
I had to get my picture with my trusty steed
id: 48111
The tour bus finally showed up a couple of minutes later
id: 48112
Looking around on the starting straight
id: 48113
The start/finish line
id: 48114
The Soul wants more
id: 48115
Well that was a blast. I walked up the bleachers one more time for some wide angle shots
id: 48116
I'll have to come back next year!
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