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08/31/16 - Daily slice of life photos for August 2016

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id: 48117
It took some doing but I found an X-15 patch to wear during the X-15 episodes
id: 48118
"Yellow cab", my ass
id: 48119
I made "eye contact" with this statue almost every day
id: 48120
I finally wandered over to the Goddard Space Flight Center Visitor Center
id: 48121
3D printing button guards for the AMV server
id: 48122
So many parking spaces!
id: 48123
Josh gives the Vive a whirl
id: 48124
Cooking cooking
id: 48125
id: 48126
These are some scary clouds
id: 48127
It ended up not being all that bad weather but it looked insane
id: 48128
Nice blue lighting
id: 48129
Scott wonders if he should drink the old Red Bull from Dan's car
id: 48130
It expired over a year ago and has been in a car for longer than that
id: 48131
The first sip!
id: 48132
Scott's expression says it all
id: 48133
Really nice cloud lighting
id: 48134
Another parking space hog!
id: 48135
I dunno. Red light photo.
id: 48136
I like my notebook
id: 48137
Buzz chilling out
id: 48138
More ominous clouds
id: 48139
Goddard Building 34
id: 48140
Looking down the Building 34 path
id: 48141
Scott needs to make a phone call
id: 48142
I added a new NASA worm logo to the side of my car
id: 48143
Looking good!
id: 48144
That's a big Hubble model. This is the building where they control it!
id: 48145
This plane carved a path through some clouds and then left some contrails
id: 48146
A little light reading
id: 48147
Thanks, UPS
id: 48148
More red light photography. Digging a hole in the street!
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