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09/08/16 - I head to the launch party for OSIRIS-REx at Goddard

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id: 48149
This is the actual tool used to help open the Hubble on a servicing mission!
id: 48150
Gathering around to watch the web stream
id: 48151
This visitor center is pretty cool! I'll have to come back some time
id: 48152
Let's make electricity
id: 48153
Decent show out
id: 48154
This is a pretty great ISS model
id: 48155
Some Goddard staff were around to explain aspects of the asteroid retrieveal mission
id: 48156
They even have a model of Goddard's first liquid fueled rocket
id: 48157
A viewing tent!
id: 48158
Ahh, this room looks good
id: 48159
This is where I watched the launch from
id: 48160
Good launch! Let's check out the fake Apollo capsule
id: 48161
See you in 2023, OSIRIS-REx!
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