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09/10/16 - I drive down to Richmond to see my first ever race. The NASCAR Federated Auto Parts 400!

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id: 48162
The camp site (and parking lot) where I hung out before the race
id: 48163
These fine folks answered my call on Reddit when I was looking for people to teach me what's up with NASCAR. From left to right, Kevin, Guy I Forget Who Might Be Tyler, Derrick, and Andrew
id: 48164
Andrew grabs a few beverages for the road as we get ready to check out the pre-race activities
id: 48165
There were so many cars! So many people!
id: 48166
Riding over in the tram
id: 48167
I have arrived!
id: 48168
The Richmond International Raceway
id: 48169
I heard the radios are a must-have. I couldn't hear much over them but it was decent hearing protection if nothing else
id: 48170
Lots of people wandering around
id: 48171
Time to pick up my tickets
id: 48172
NASCAR tickets!
id: 48173
It was so hot. Wearing my Formula 1 hoodie did not help
id: 48174
Hey, NASA is here!
id: 48175
NASCAR cars are based on road cars but they still differ pretty significantly!
id: 48176
Derrick and Andrew were into it
id: 48177
Hi Toyota Lady
id: 48178
Derrick looks right at home in that race car
id: 48179
Nailed it
id: 48180
Snowmobile jumping!
id: 48181
And motocross bikes!
id: 48182
It's hard to not look cool on a motocross bike
id: 48183
Lots of ads, everywhere
id: 48184
There were a bunch of NASCAR cars sitting around for people to check out
id: 48185
id: 48186
Wanna go for a ride?
id: 48187
Let's head to the Fan Zone and buy some swag!
id: 48188
So much swag
id: 48189
Every driver had their own section! Where's Ricciardo?
id: 48190
Derrick, Andrew, and Kevin are champions
id: 48191
More posing for pictures
id: 48192
Heading back to the campsite
id: 48193
This is some hardcore camping. What the hell is this thing??
id: 48194
Derrick's having a good time
id: 48195
Let's play Stump!
id: 48196
John explains the finer techniques of grilling on whatever the hell this is
id: 48197
Andrew takes his turn in Stump. It's a very literal game.
id: 48198
Kevin carefully uses one of his nail-extractions, bought by doing two shots
id: 48199
This is a fun time
id: 48200
Getting properly lubricated before the race
id: 48201
I think Andrew is halfway there
id: 48202
Kevin is just here for the boos
id: 48203
Careful with that hammer..
id: 48204
id: 48205
A little shotgunning..
id: 48206
Golden hour is so nice
id: 48207
Ready to roll out. Let's go to the race!
id: 48208
Talking to friendly strangers on the tram
id: 48209
This is translated as "oh god, please stop driving drunk!"
id: 48210
Here we are!
id: 48211
Holy crap. It's way more intense than I imagined. The sights, the sounds, the smells..
id: 48212
At the race!
id: 48213
It's overwhelming
id: 48214
This catch fence looks pretty strong
id: 48215
I was jealous of the photo guy's gear
id: 48216
Hey neat, this is one of the mics they use to get car audio on the TV broadcast
id: 48217
They take the national anthem pretty seriously around here. Reeeeeally seriously.
id: 48218
The lighting was fantastic
id: 48219
This photo looks pretty similar but check out the flyover!
id: 48220
Fun old timey planes
id: 48221
There were also some modern jets but I couldn't get a photo of them. Too fast!
id: 48222
The cars are getting ready
id: 48223
The all seeing info board
id: 48224
Official Guy says "let's race!"
id: 48225
Doing a few formation laps
id: 48226
They were incredibly loud. It wasn't the apocalyptic level of loud I had expected but I'm so glad I brought hearing protection
id: 48227
There were a lot of people
id: 48228
Warming up those tires
id: 48229
The cars drove by in a grid formation as a tribute to the fans
id: 48230
It's weird to see them driving in these lines
id: 48231
Double the cars of an F1 race
id: 48232
And now we are racing! You can tell because I couldn't focus on the cars very well
id: 48233
Sparks are flying!
id: 48234
This guy lost the whole rear of his car but kept going for the whole race!
id: 48235
Pit stops are a little slower in NASCAR than F1 but no less impressive!
id: 48236
That yellow blur is a car
id: 48237
This looks like a pretty crappy job
id: 48238
Another car out of control!
id: 48239
Coming into the pitlane
id: 48240
Another rapid pit stop
id: 48241
Ready to go, away they go!
id: 48242
I had to get closer to the cars on my way out
id: 48243
id: 48244
Well that was a blast! NASCAR may not be my thing but I had a ton of fun. Thanks again to Derrick and Andrew and crew for taking me in for the race. Super cool dudes.
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