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09/21/16 - I attend a special event at the Air and Space Museum. Spacecraft and famous people!

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Good ol' Friendship 7
id: 48259
And Gemini IV! That's the door Ed White left on America's first spacewalk
id: 48260
The Mercury capsules look so rough
id: 48261
Not that Gemini looks all that much better
id: 48262
Apollo 11's Columbia is just sitting around in the open!
id: 48263
X-15 #1. Doing the podcast has really given me a better appreciation for all these vehicles
id: 48264
One of the unused lunar modules
id: 48265
All sorts of goodies
id: 48266
Such a good hallway
id: 48267
Gemini IV and Friendship 7. So awesome to see these two side by side
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id: 48269
I got in line early and snagged a good seat
id: 48270
The theme of tonight's event
id: 48271
If I recall correctly, this is the head of Goddard
id: 48272
Charlie Bolden, the NASA administrator!
id: 48273
Checking out the rear of the X-15
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