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09/30/16 - Daily slice of life photos for September 2016

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id: 48288
My ever-growing collection of random nonsense at my desk
id: 48289
What greets me at the start and end of most days. Omar's weird old van
id: 48290
A sun dog! See that tiny rainbow? That's called a sun dog. Or maybe it was just a tiny rainbow
id: 48291
Time to finally get this porch cleaned up
id: 48292
It's usable!
id: 48293
More stuff I need to clean up
id: 48294
Neil's such a chubbo
id: 48295
The supermarket parking lot. Exhilarating.
id: 48296
Looking up at all the flags in Building 32
id: 48297
Scott uses his superpowers to make the meeting room bigger
id: 48298
Scott got some new server. Exciting!
id: 48299
The view from my desk if I stand up
id: 48300
Omar and I take furniture layout way too seriously
id: 48301
Neil's just chilling
id: 48302
Getting into Project Gemini on the podcast!
id: 48303
I added a Watkins Glen track layout sticker to my car
id: 48304
It's the Moon!
id: 48305
Josh loves burgers
id: 48306
The rear of JWST
id: 48307
Josh also loves space telescopes
id: 48308
I think this is also part of JWST? Or maybe just equipment to test
id: 48309
Dan loves photos
id: 48310
Nice clouds in Philadelphia
id: 48311
Alarming clouds back in Hyattsville
id: 48312
Buzz is a cat model
id: 48313
Messing up the tree!
id: 48314
Dave is really proud of his vest
id: 48315
My trusty dashcam
id: 48316
We tried to make Buzz walk on the ceiling. We failed.
id: 48317
Hi Neil.
id: 48318
Keto snacks!
id: 48319
I registered high blood pressure at the doctor so got this to measure at home. Turns out I just get nervous in blood pressure tests at the doctor..
id: 48320
My awesome new NASA license plate. The number is cool too but you don't get to know it
id: 48321
Jeff concentrates on ping pong
id: 48322
Kimchi Dan gets really into it
id: 48323
Let's get some wings!
id: 48324
Dan samples Scott's unexpectedly girly drink
id: 48325
New employee lunch!
id: 48326
Hi guys!
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