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10/22/16 - Omar goes overboard and buys a racing cockpit. I go overboard and buy a racing helmet

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id: 48351
This doesn't come through normal shipping
id: 48352
It's a big box. The guy offered to bring it all the way inside but the box was so big it seemed easier to just open it here and move the pieces inside
id: 48353
Another big box!
id: 48354
My new go-kart helmet
id: 48355
So safe!
id: 48356
Several days later, Omar is here to assemble the cockpit
id: 48357
Carefully laying out the pieces..
id: 48358
So many pieces!!
id: 48359
Really coming together
id: 48360
Looking good!
id: 48361
Well this might be the dorkiest photo ever taken of me. Combining the new helmet and the new cockpit
id: 48362
Nope, nevermind. This is even worse.
id: 48363
Dueling cockpits!
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