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10/31/16 - Vic and Amanda show me how Halloween is done

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id: 48364
Dean loves F1
id: 48365
Making floating candles
id: 48366
Vic's crazy projector setup. This is how he makes ghosts in the windows
id: 48367
Mailing out prizes and trophies from the Otakon AMV contest
id: 48368
Bryce puts some work into Hyper Light Drifter
id: 48369
Vic buys his White Castle by the crate
id: 48370
Making cobwebs by shooting out hot glue
id: 48371
id: 48372
Time to get the other projector in place
id: 48373
Dean, relax!
id: 48374
id: 48375
Dean made a buddy
id: 48376
Oops, nevermind
id: 48377
This is a very expensive projector. K'Nex get it done
id: 48378
Mmm, pumpkin beer in a big stein
id: 48379
Just a few props on the lawn
id: 48380
They're definitely "that house" on the block
id: 48381
Hey there, Jackolantern
id: 48382
id: 48383
id: 48384
id: 48385
The Ouija Board reticle thing moves around thanks to some powerful magnets and a robot arm Vic rigged up
id: 48386
Frying up some Oreos. Vic is a monster
id: 48387
id: 48388
id: 48389
Very advanced
id: 48390
Lights! One group of kids ran away without any candy because it was too much
id: 48391
Hey the floating candles came out pretty nice!
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