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10/31/16 - Daily slice of life photos for October 2016

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id: 48392
I put together a big cork board to collect all the random mementos I pick up
id: 48393
F1 and 3 in the morning!
id: 48394
Hi Buzz
id: 48395
Just taking a few photos to record how often I move the furniture around
id: 48396
The current state of my room
id: 48397
Making progress
id: 48398
I got an echocardiogram
id: 48399
Hey is that my heart?
id: 48400
"That's your heart"
id: 48401
You can never have enough photos of JWST
id: 48402
Progress on the vibe table
id: 48403
Another sun dog! Or.. tiny rainbow. (I took this photo at a red light)
id: 48404
I finally set up a proper bed!
id: 48405
Looking good
id: 48406
All the astronaut photos are mounted
id: 48407
Cats are lazy
id: 48408
I set up this shelf all by myself. I am a home improvement expert
id: 48409
Another slow cooker. Hopefully it doesn't meet the same fate as the last one
id: 48410
Lovey at the bottom of the stairs
id: 48411
All sorts of neat data from MMS
id: 48412
Spooky candle?
id: 48413
Just looking around my street
id: 48414
Scott is hard at work
id: 48415
Josh is not
id: 48416
Ping pong battle!
id: 48417
The basement is a complete mess
id: 48418
Time to start prepping it for the LAN party
id: 48419
Take all the drawers out first
id: 48420
All these boxes are empty because Omar is crazy
id: 48421
Trying to find the spot where the ceiling is just barely low enough to tilt the shelves
id: 48422
Alexa gets her own little shelf
id: 48423
Moving furniture is fun
id: 48424
Careful not to get it dirty!
id: 48425
I promise I helped with other stuff. I just took a few photos
id: 48426
Moving moving moving
id: 48427
Neat! A bunch of aerogel left over from Stardust
id: 48428
It's so light!
id: 48429
That's a big chunk of aerogel. It's very fragile
id: 48430
Some random cat
id: 48431
I got an Echo Dot
id: 48432
It doesn't hear me very well.... want to buy it off me?
id: 48433
Analyst Meeting at a.i.
id: 48434
Eric tries to calm his stomach
id: 48435
It doesn't look good..
id: 48436
Down she goes!
id: 48437
Looks tasty
id: 48438
Hi Neil
id: 48439
Neil is such a squishums
id: 48440
That's my blood!
id: 48441
id: 48442
Whoops. Someone started their day off wrong
id: 48443
I fed Lovey for the week
id: 48444
Poor Lovey lives outside
id: 48445
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