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11/05/16 - Some photos around Clark University while I'm in town

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id: 48446
Goddard Library holds a whole new significance for me these days!
id: 48447
Man, they really spruced Wright Hall up
id: 48448
The Wright-side entrance of Goddard
id: 48449
The Goddard memorial sculpture
id: 48450
The path represents the accelerating path to space. Or something
id: 48451
Goddard Library is such a cool structure
id: 48452
The Green
id: 48453
id: 48454
id: 48455
Standing around Red Square
id: 48456
Scary Zelda moon in the Hillel window
id: 48457
What the hell is this new building??
id: 48458
NEW China Lantern??
id: 48459
Hey I know that place
id: 48460
The hallway to the Math and CS department
id: 48461
See, I told you
id: 48462
This is a hallway I know well
id: 48463
The Math/CS break room
id: 48464
I've spent a lot of time in these chairs
id: 48465
Professor Sternberg wasn't around! Makes sense since it was a random Saturday..
id: 48466
This looks familiar
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