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11/19/16 - Goran and Ryan come visit me in Maryland!

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id: 48545
What's Ryan so excited about?
id: 48546
This little jukebox!
id: 48547
Can you hear it??
id: 48548
Ryan was really into the jukebox
id: 48549
Goran's ready to see some space!
id: 48550
JWST is in its "clean tent", aka "big box"
id: 48551
Such natural poses
id: 48552
They're getting ready to move the telescope to the vibration table where they can test how it'll handle a ride on a rocket
id: 48553
"Well look at that"
id: 48554
The vibration table
id: 48555
Goran had never tried astronaut ice cream. Ryan insisted he try some!
id: 48556
Are you ready?
id: 48557
Ryan is feeling the power of the ice cream
id: 48558
Chomp chomp chomp, crumbs crumbs crumbs
id: 48559
Just like the pros
id: 48560
Ryan just realized how small the Gemini capsule is. "They spent two weeks in this??"
id: 48561
Especially tough with this guy
id: 48562
I also went to Eric's birthday party with Josh!
id: 48563
That t-shirt game is always fun
id: 48564
Walking on the VR board is weirdly intimidating
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