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11/26/16 - Home for Thanksgiving!

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id: 48565
Stopping at a rest stop. DC to Boston is too long of a drive
id: 48566
Gragra wants crackers
id: 48567
Aunt Teresa and Becky in the kitchen
id: 48568
This weird little cat looks like Vladimir Putin
id: 48569
Hi Becky
id: 48570
Everyone hanging out for Thanksgiving!
id: 48571
Everyone got a beverage?
id: 48572
Look at that turkey!
id: 48573
Gragra is going to Hogwarts
id: 48574
Grab some turkey
id: 48575
Pass the.. whatever
id: 48576
Gragra considers her options
id: 48577
Hi Mom!
id: 48578
Everyone say grace
id: 48579
Becky shows Mom some Snapchat filters
id: 48580
Go Snapchat, go!
id: 48581
id: 48582
Now Nick is getting roped into it
id: 48583
id: 48584
Macaroni.. wants to leave
id: 48585
id: 48586
Lunch with Becky and Dad!
id: 48587
Dad finally spent his gift card
id: 48588
Dad and Becky!
id: 48589
id: 48590
Poor little Cinnamon passed away about a month later. She was a nice kitty!
id: 48591
My copy of Lost Moon signed by Apollo 13 commander Apollo 13!
id: 48592
Time to drive back to DC. Bye Mom!
id: 48593
id: 48594
Welcome to New Jersey
id: 48595
I was tempted to sit in it
id: 48596
Wolfing down food at the rest stop
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