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11/30/16 - Slice of life photos for November 2016

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id: 48597
I took this picture of my ballot sample so I could remember the judge list
id: 48598
id: 48599
Well if you insist
id: 48600
Quite a line for voting!
id: 48601
I did it!
id: 48602
id: 48603
Well....... the election didn't work out like I hoped. So I drank my champagne to hope and the future instead of the results.
id: 48604
JWST in its tent!
id: 48605
I'm pretty sure I have a photo just like this but what are you going to do
id: 48606
I tried the Hololens!
id: 48607
Scott is working in the future already
id: 48608
So many maneuvers
id: 48609
5000 miles!
id: 48610
Dan tries out the Hololens
id: 48611
It definitely makes you look crazy
id: 48612
Loafing around
id: 48613
Adding more stuff to my bulletin board!
id: 48614
Hi Buzz
id: 48615
Weird rippled clouds
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