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12/24/16 - Hanging out before Christmas!

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id: 48629
This time I'm flying
id: 48630
So many VHS tapes! Home movies!
id: 48631
Mom taught me how to make keto-friendly buffalo chicken
id: 48632
The "breadcrumbs" are ground up pork rinds
id: 48633
Hi Mom!
id: 48634
They came out pretty great!
id: 48635
Dad came to pick me up.. time to get him a new laptop!
id: 48636
Hey it's MIT!
id: 48637
Building 10!
id: 48638
Whoa, so many cameras
id: 48639
Dad with his new laptop
id: 48640
Inside Petrones
id: 48641
id: 48642
Gragra really liked her card
id: 48643
It sang Feliz Navidad
id: 48644
I got her a Goddard patch!
id: 48645
id: 48646
Visiting is fun
id: 48647
Becky is already sick of me
id: 48648
Dad loves to turn up the national anthem at new
id: 48649
Alright then
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