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12/26/16 - Beany and I bring Suz to Petrones for her first buffalo chicken calzone. Too spicy!

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id: 48712
Beany seems excited
id: 48713
Beany and Suz got me some blindbag ponies!
id: 48714
Thanks guys!
id: 48715
Well, no Trixie, and double-Discord, but this was a fun gift!
id: 48716
Maud is clearly excited
id: 48717
Weird shadow-Twilight?
id: 48718
Just hanging out
id: 48719
Hey it's my camera!
id: 48720
Say cheese!
id: 48721
It looks like Suz's hat is trying to return to its home planet, but that's because I'm holding it
id: 48722
Let's play "Grab Suz's face"
id: 48723
Suz.. is having issues
id: 48724
Watcha thinkin' 'bout?
id: 48725
Ohhhh man. Food of the gods, right here
id: 48726
Obviously, it must be posted on social media first
id: 48727
Dip it!
id: 48728
Suz's first bite!
id: 48729
"It's spicy!"
id: 48730
"It's so spicy!!" toughen up, Suz!!
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