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12/31/16 - Daily slice of life photos for December 2016

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id: 48731
Another week, another mission on the bag
id: 48732
Since I drove home for Thanksgiving, I finally brought my Galilean thermometer back!
id: 48733
Scott took "paper plate" too literally
id: 48734
id: 48735
Oh, middle-school me. So funny.
id: 48736
Some.. random space hardware. I don't even know
id: 48737
Yaaay, awards at work!
id: 48738
This is how I make sure I melt the cheese on my wraps
id: 48739
It's that cat Neil is!
id: 48740
Hi Neil
id: 48741
Buzz always looks suspicious. Both of others, and it looks like he's up to something
id: 48742
Classy Neil
id: 48743
The LAN party was a while ago.. I should probably put the table away
id: 48744
Nice outdoor eating area at Goddard
id: 48745
The Goddard Library! No, a different one.
id: 48746
Planning stuff with Dan
id: 48747
Some light reading I picked up at the Goddard Library
id: 48748
Buzz on his stool
id: 48749
Building 32! My home away from.. work?
id: 48750
The lighting in the basement can be pretty bleak sometimess
id: 48751
Leaning math in the morning
id: 48752
My 7/11
id: 48753
"Hey Dave!"
id: 48754
Interesting paddle technique
id: 48755
Dan is all about concentration
id: 48756
Kimchi Dan just wants to play
id: 48757
"Well.. it's just you and me, ping pong table"
id: 48758
Dave's gonna lose
id: 48759
The view from my usual parking spot at Goddard
id: 48760
Wandering around building 29 again
id: 48761
Is this flight hardware?
id: 48762
id: 48763
So many toolboxes
id: 48764
It's JWST on the vibration table!
id: 48765
Mom's fancy new dishwasher
id: 48766
All set!
id: 48767
Wacko and his fiancee Becca came to visit! I came them a whirlwind tour of Goddard and they got to see JWST
id: 48768
id: 48769
Bye Buzz, I need to go to work
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