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01/02/17 - Bondcon 2017! Aka the year I played with a camera flash the whole time

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id: 48770
Alan is ready for some presents
id: 48771
I got Mckeed some fancy USB cables from his wishlist
id: 48772
So many presents!
id: 48773
We all chipped in on something big for Bryce
id: 48774
What could it be??
id: 48775
A big cardboard box!
id: 48776
Ahhh, it's a head start on a proper gaming PC! He's still got a ways to go but we took some of the pain out of the process
id: 48777
Typical Bondcon
id: 48778
The right side is accurate
id: 48779
Omar can't get the Daydream VR to work with his phone
id: 48780
Traditional iHop. And a weird square of hash browns
id: 48781
Hi Omar
id: 48782
What are we planning out here?
id: 48783
Time for overly complicated board games
id: 48784
Alan's always ready for overly complicated board games
id: 48785
Albert's always ready... to kill someone.
id: 48786
Study the rules carefully
id: 48787
Dean wants to pay too. But he cannot because he is a cat.
id: 48788
Big pony mug
id: 48789
Another complicated board game! This is a neat game Bryce brought that has to do with going on a journey in Japan or something
id: 48790
Peter let me borrow his flash. So obviously I went to town on it
id: 48791
Hi Bryce. Is this annoying?
id: 48792
Ahhh!! Vic!
id: 48793
Is Alan checking the rules?
id: 48794
I don't know what you're telling me, Alan. This is a photo and I forgot what you said at the time
id: 48795
Amanda watched us play
id: 48796
Hi Peter
id: 48797
Pinkie Pie brings Amanda no joy
id: 48798
Flashes are great for nice crisp phtoos
id: 48799
Is Mckeed giving me the finger here?
id: 48800
Jefferson, seriously, what is up with the grubby shirts
id: 48801
Serious Bryce
id: 48802
Games are fun
id: 48803
Jefferson's innovative drink holder
id: 48804
Jefferson with the king of all stinkfaces
id: 48805
Pinkie Pie wants to get in the display case with the creepy figures
id: 48806
Peter browses the drink catalog
id: 48807
Hey maybe I'm getting the hang of this flash thing
id: 48808
And Alan's getting the hang of the "going crazy" thing
id: 48809
Time to go get food!
id: 48810
Amanda's not sure about this flash thing
id: 48811
Not sure what this expression is, Peter
id: 48812
Albert is so intent on his game
id: 48813
Hi Vic. Is my weird light-bouncing bugging you?
id: 48814
Bumming around
id: 48815
Weaponized flash!
id: 48816
Vic has finally become a lens flare
id: 48817
Bryce looks into the brilliant future
id: 48818
This isn't a great photo but I liked the stupid face Albert is making
id: 48819
Will the flash work through root beer? Sure will
id: 48820
Fancy lighting by shooting through water!
id: 48821
Who knew that kraken and the bottle were red? I suspect it's just the only light that wasn't scattered away
id: 48822
Rasengan! Or.. spirit bomb! Or... baggie full of water
id: 48823
Properly labeled.
id: 48824
"The Choosing of the Tea"
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