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01/22/17 - Beany and Suz visit to be in the Women's March. Bryce is here to hang out

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id: 48838
Hi Bryce, meet my new flash
id: 48839
This many photons calls for a drink
id: 48840
Hi Neil!
id: 48841
Buzz is already sick of this. Where are his eyebrow whiskers??
id: 48842
Contemplative Neil
id: 48843
The flash leads to some cool effects
id: 48844
Evil Buzz
id: 48845
"Why are you taking pictures of me??"
id: 48846
Neil says hello to Beany
id: 48847
This is just what Suz's hair is like
id: 48848
Shifty Bryce
id: 48849
Hi Buzz
id: 48850
Hair has been contained... for now
id: 48851
Nice pose, Beany
id: 48852
Metal Beany
id: 48853
Buzz supervises Bryce to make sure he gets his work done
id: 48854
Beany knows how to ruin a good picture
id: 48855
Let's go see a movie!
id: 48856
Grocery shopping
id: 48857
A photo of a photo of Suz!
id: 48858
What to buy?
id: 48859
Too much Brawn for Beany
id: 48860
Beany looks so uncomfortable
id: 48861
Suz figured she may as well get some supplies for her NYC apartment while she's here
id: 48862
Beany's going to steal some olives & antipasti
id: 48863
Suz tries out the Oculus Touch
id: 48864
What's up there?
id: 48865
Virtual reality.. real Omar
id: 48866
Ready to march!
id: 48867
Just a couple of women ready to go for a walk in Washington DC
id: 48868
Time to show Trump what's up!
id: 48869
Eric inspects Buzz
id: 48870
Beany's making dip!
id: 48871
Lauren can strike a pose
id: 48872
She's so used to cosplay photos that as a joke I did my "Hey can I get a photo?" convention cosplay approach. She instantly struck this pose. A pro!
id: 48873
Suz making.. also dip?
id: 48874
Neil is floating!
id: 48875
His head is itchy!
id: 48876
Buzz is people
id: 48877
Dance, Neil!
id: 48878
id: 48879
Lurking Bryce
id: 48880
Eric's turn in VR
id: 48881
Lauren seems uncomfortable
id: 48882
What is she doing?
id: 48883
Eric checks his phone
id: 48884
Suz is a carrot
id: 48885
Beany is sick of my photos
id: 48886
Bryce is ready for action
id: 48887
Touching the future
id: 48888
Beany sums up the weekend with a great doodlefest!
id: 48889
Waiting for breakfast
id: 48890
Bryce wants food
id: 48891
Suz isn't allowed to see
id: 48892
The stuff nightmares are made of
id: 48893
That's a giant straw
id: 48894
Suz and Beany are big MODIS fans
id: 48895
Aqua and Aura have made some new friends
id: 48896
Beany's in space!
id: 48897
No wait, it's Suz!
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