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01/31/17 - Daily slice of life photos for January 2017

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id: 48898
Mmm, low-carb pizza
id: 48899
Hello, cats
id: 48900
This truck says to be happy. Good advice.
id: 48901
Bah, just missed the 7000 rollover
id: 48902
What could this gift from Mom be?
id: 48903
It's a new allergy bracelet!
id: 48904
Omar gets ready to drill some holes in the wall
id: 48905
Buzz gets ready to be in the way
id: 48906
Let's just start drilling!
id: 48907
Oh no! Snow!
id: 48908
Becky sent me some sugar free Nutella! Well.. sort of
id: 48909
Omar is in the zone
id: 48910
Hi Omar
id: 48911
id: 48912
id: 48913
This tree looks like it' on fire
id: 48914
JWST in its big box!
id: 48915
I have no booties and gloves so I better stay back
id: 48916
You can see the mirrors through the plastic!
id: 48917
Pictures with JWST!
id: 48918
Scott needed one too
id: 48919
Buzz and Neil attempt to merge
id: 48920
Aww, kitties
id: 48921
Long exposures and a flash can result in some strange photos
id: 48922
Buzz loves strange photos
id: 48923
Dan is good at ping pong
id: 48924
Time to get my oil changed!
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