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02/11/17 - A trip to the climbing gym with Dan and Katie!

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id: 48925
Hold on tight, Dan
id: 48926
Katie on her way back down
id: 48927
Double check..
id: 48928
Ready to climb?
id: 48929
And up he goes!
id: 48930
Dan's a big fan of this shot of his calf muscle
id: 48931
Nearly on top!
id: 48932
This is Dan's "I'm having fun" face
id: 48933
Is it my turn to climb?
id: 48934
Up Katie goes
id: 48935
What to do next?
id: 48936
Knots are important
id: 48937
Get a good grip
id: 48938
Katie's turn to belay
id: 48939
Dan strikes a disco pose
id: 48940
Feeding out rope
id: 48941
A nice wall to lean against
id: 48942
Katie sitting on air!
id: 48943
Gotta chalk up
id: 48944
Climber and belayer
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