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03/31/17 - Visiting with Topaz and Kate and friends in Buffalo!

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id: 48972
Be careful with pouring sake
id: 48973
Brian is critical of this sake pouring technique
id: 48974
"I just want sake!"
id: 48975
Ooo, new speed cube
id: 48976
The Valk 3
id: 48977
It's like solving butter
id: 48978
Shawn is all colorful
id: 48979
Topaz is.. deep in thought
id: 48980
Anthony is on to me, as usual
id: 48981
"I did it!! Do you see??"
id: 48982
Something tells me this might be one of Kate's EMT friends
id: 48983
What do you think, Kate?
id: 48984
Anthony has small game parts
id: 48985
Games are fun
id: 48986
We're playing that haunted house game again!
id: 48987
That's a pretty badass patch
id: 48988
Topaz is cold, apparently
id: 48989
"This is where the disease is"
id: 48990
Topaz is having fun
id: 48991
Topaz and I aren't allowed to be on the same team for this game anymore. Codenames is funnn
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